Polish League Against Defamation


Launched in 2012, the activities of RDI filled a niche related to the lack of a non-governmental organisation with such a significant potential in defending the truth about Poland. The reasons for setting up Reduta, the definition of the foundation’s mission and the appeal for active involvement in defending the good name of Poland and Poles, were defined by the founder and long-standing president of Reduta – Maciej Świrski, who published Reduta’s manifesto on 27 November 2012, in which he pointed out, among other things, the dominant message about Poland in the world – „During the years of the Third Republic of Poland, it turned out that there is a belief in the world (…) – that Poles are co-conspirators in the Second World War, and that hardly anyone has heard about Polish victims. And that 'Polish concentration camps’ existed, that alongside the mythical Nazis, Poles are to blame for the Holocaust.”

The published manifesto highlighted the dangers for Poland – „The falsification of the truth about the Second World War, the setting of Poles in the role of executioners delegitimises Poland as a fully-fledged member of the international community! No one will stand up for the nation of murderers and send troops. The nation of murderers deserves no sympathy.”

The creation of the Reduta was dictated by the necessity to react to the almost massive appearance in the world media of distortions and slanders about Polish history, especially in the context of the history of World War II and the Holocaust. The defence of the truth about Poland and Poles, the protection of the good name of our homeland and the popularisation of authentic native history became key elements of RDI’s mission.

Reduta noticed and introduced into public circulation a new perspective in seeing Polish affairs, which today is already quite obvious. From the very beginning, the connection between the image of Poland functioning in the world and the fundamental issue of our country’s national security in the context of the provisions of Article 5 of the NATO Treaty was demonstrated.

Having learnt from experience, we are able to recognise both the hostile narrative and the mechanisms used to disseminate it, which are aimed at blurring the truth, providing recipients with false information, the consequence of which would be to weaken Poland on the world stage and thus deprive it of assistance in a threatening situation. Over the years of Reduta’s activities, our actions have evolved from simple reactions to historical falsehoods appearing in the media to comprehensive analyses and counteracting disinformation and „active measures” directed against Poland, and aimed at weakening the society’s defence preparedness and alienating Poland in NATO.

Since the founding of the Reduta, Poland has changed and national historical policy has become a permanent feature of the Polish message. We hope that the activity of the Reduta Dobrego Imienia has also contributed to this change, and more than ten years of activity, including thousands of analysed publications, hundreds of interventions, dozens of publications showing the truth and indisputable facts about the history of our country, as well as important projects, e.g. www.warstwypamieci.pl and won lawsuits (supported by RDI), the result of which restored the good name of the wronged – were and will continue to be an important element in unmasking the false message about Poland and Poles, which for decades has been forced into the consciousness, especially of western recipients.

Over its ten years of activity, Reduta has united a multitude of people who have become genuinely involved in activities for the good of our country. RDI became a response to the needs of all those who were looking for opportunities to counteract the proliferation of defamations, falsifications of history and abuses resulting from the manipulation of information about Poland and Poles.

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